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Nov 15, 2006 Main News and Associates updated.
Aug 10, 2006 News, Associates and Affiliates updated.
Oct 15, 2004 Online diagnostic workshop for accelerating sales.
Oct 1, 2004 White Paper on Computing Virtualization in Market Notes.
Sept 8, 2004 New layout for website.
June 18, 2004 The China Syndrome added to Market Notes.
March 1, 2004 Solutions updated.
Feb 14, 2004 Partners updated.
Jan 14, 2004 OCRI Corporate Governance Benchmark launched.
Dec 8, 2003 Negotiating in China added to Market Notes.
Nov 28, 2003 News Release Warning of Slower Telecom Growth in China.
Oct 1, 2003 Business Strategy services updated.
Sept 29, 2003 Search Engine added.
Sept 29, 2003 Corporate Governance updated.


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