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"The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage."

     Arie De Geus, Head of Planning, Royal Dutch Shell

Process is sometimes thought of as a dirty word.   Some people associate process with bureaucracy and loss of creativity.   And everyone has had an experience with a failed or broken process.

Yet even the lack of a well-defined process is actually a type of process in its own right.   These processes are non-repeatable and result in non-sustainable performance.   How many times have you benefited more from good fortune than from consistent execution?

Worse yet is being stuck in a bad, ill-defined process.   You know that you are in one when you spend more time fire-fighting than making real progress on problems.

You can break out of the status quo.   The sooner you change your process, the sooner you'll benefit from a better business result.

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